textile land - alexandria

Textile Land – Acrylic in Focus” is the first textile exhibition focusing on Egyptian Acrylic fibers industry and lasted for three consecutive days from 8th to 10th of March in at the Four Seasons Hotel, Alexandria.

Textile Land” was organized by the Textile Export Council of Egypt – TEC in cooperation with the Egyptian Exporters Association ”Expolink . Exhibition was based on the manufacture of acrylic fibers, and all the textile products which enters this type of fibers.

The exhibition was based on the presence of a number of Egyptian companies that represented the full supply chain of acrylic fibers in a big exhibition hall that hosted over than sixty representatives of many foreign companies from around the world of import demand for acrylic products from Egypt, in addition to representatives of several bodies of relevant Egyptian spinning and textile sector.

On the sidelines of the exhibition there were some informative seminars on the latest technologies and techniques of Acrylic manufacturing declaimed by foreign and Egyptians experts, in addition to field visits to the Egyptian factories led to a deepening awareness of the dimensions of foreign delegations participating acrylic industry in Egypt.