egytex - cairo

EGYTEX 2009” Trade Fair was the largest and the only internationally established trade show in Egypt for manufacturers of Fibers, Yarns, Fabrics, Apparel, Home Textiles and Accessories. Providing a display of the full spectrum of the supply chain involved in the textile manufacturing; thus offering extensive choices for an advanced and complete chain on the production aspects of the textile products.

The ultimate goal of “EGYTEX 2009” was the increase of trade relations from and to Egypt under a professional event which attracted a vast range of international and local buyers. Took place in Cairo since 1997 until 2009, the fair managed to impress a lot of exhibitors locally and internationally from different countries around the world, such as: England, France, Germany, USA, Turkey, China, Korea, India, Pakistan, Syria, Jordon, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

The exhibition was strategically placed in the trading hub of the Middle East and the Mediterranean area, stressing on the region’s demand for trade and competitive priced products under a complete vertical integrated Textile Industry.