About Us

About TEC

The Textile Export Council of Egypt; commonly known as TEC is a privately-managed organization created by the government to be responsible for the development and promotion of textile exports.

TEC is recognized for its commitment to provide services for the export community to drive the growth of Egypt’s exports in the textile sector.

TEC was established in 1997 by the Ministry of Trade by the decree No. 521. It is one of the think-tanks that help Egyptian policy-makers prepare strategies and take actions to increase both the quality and quantity of textile exports.

TEC functions as a framework gathering representatives of textile manufacturers and exporters (spinners, weavers, knitters, dyers& others). They all work on increasing the competitiveness of an industry that has an acknowledged heritage in Egypt.


Make Egypt the most sought after destination for global sourcing of textile products and services.


To be the nation’s leading catalyst organization for the development and promotion of textile exports.

  1. Fibers& Monofilaments of Acrylic - Flax
  2. Yarns of: Cotton – Polyester – Acrylic – Flax – Wool – Polypropylene – Viscose – Modal – Nylon- Lycra
  3. Sewing Threads of: Polyester – Cotton – Nylon
  4. Woven& Knitted Fabrics: Apparel Fabrics –Intimate Wear& Lingerie Fabrics – Sports& Swimwear Fabrics – Home textiles& Upholstery Fabrics – Tents& Overlay Fabrics
  5. Denim Fabrics
  6. Technical Textiles for: Medical& Healthcare Use – Military Wear – Automotives∓ Tire Cords – Packaging
  7. Non-Woven Textiles
  8. Dyeing, Printing↦ Finishing Services: Yarn Dyeing, Fabric Dyeing, Rotary Printing, Digital Printing, Finishing

Council Services to Members

TEC offers the following services free of charge to member companies:

  • Providing our members with export opportunities from different sources.
  • Assisting companies to connect with different organizations necessary for the exporting process.
  • Helping the export community raise their suggestions and problems to the government.

We prepare yearly sector plan for international trade fairs

  • We coordinate inbound& outbound trade missions.
  • We organize sector promotion events.
  • We work on building sector image& developing different sector promotion tools.

TEC provides member companies with market intelligence and practical advice on foreign markets to help them make better decisions in order to achieve their goals abroad.

  • Preparing export& import analysis reports.
  • Identifying potential target markets& market demand.
  • Circulating, exports& marketing intelligence reports in addition to different textile periodicals.
  • Enhancing exporters skills and awareness of global market.
  • Working with several service providers to tailor export training programs for textile exporters.
  • Encouraging export culture among non- exporters& increasing their export readiness.

TEC also builds relationships with similar organizations worldwide to: Exchange trade& industry related information and to encourage joint ventures& technological alliances with other countries

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